Vintage Metal Signs

By Howard Bertram

Vintage metal signs are excellent home decor pieces that are low-cost, and yet eye-catching and oftentimes conversation pieces. Most people will not be able to distinguish between a real antique sign, and a modern day metal sign made to appear old and antiquated. The subject matter for vintage signs often pertain to pin-up girls, aviation, military, automobiles, retro home products, food/drink, and sports themed. The signs often range in size from 12″x18″ to 24″x36″ and everything in between in various shapes and designs.

Many of these signs are made using heavy gauge American steel, and a printing process know as sublimation, where the image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and long lasting finish. The signs are then sanded by hand to give them an aged look. Finally, small metal rivets are added into the corners of the sign for easy hanging. A couple of finishing nails are sufficient for hanging these signs on an interior wall.

Currently, more and more well known artists are putting their artwork on vintage metal signs. Images from paintings, antique advertising, popular brands, and even your own artwork can be applied on a custom vintage metal sign. Vintage metal signs have become popular home decor items because of the numerous designs and styles of signs available, the appealing colors schemes and the low-cost. Many people like the retro signs that remind them of an earlier time and memories from the past. It can be expensive to decorate a home with paintings, giclee’s, prints or even photos. Many art pieces cost hundreds and sometimes thousand when you factor in the price of a frame. Vintage metal signs typically cost anywhere from $15-$90. No frame is necessary, and the signs are easy to hang on the wall.

Due to the large array of subject matter, vintage metal signs can be used to decorate your game room, kitchen, bedrooms, office, and more. Usually the signs are hung in groups on the wall, since they tend to be small, many people elect to put 3 to 5 signs in a group on their wall, or within close proximity of each other. If you decide you would rather have a real antique metal sign, you will be looking at a much higher cost, and you will not be able to have the selection of choices available like the reproduction vintage metal signs. The real antique signs are extremely rare and sought after by serious collectors. There are many places online that you can purchase vintage metal signs.

Written by Howard Bertram – – Howard owns Bertram Signs and Graphics. Established in 1976, Bertram Signs is a unique sign company located in Carefree, Arizona specializing in logo design, dimensional signs, sandblasted signs, carved signs, painted signs, gold-leaf, vehicle lettering/graphics, window lettering, banners, t-shirts and more. We are a family owned and operated business, and all of our signs are manufactured right here in Carefree, Arizona. The time we spend developing eye-catching designs for our signwork is what gets our customers noticed and sets us apart from the rest. Please visit our new website at

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